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first 18-22 isn't all thats on campus

my friend works on a campus, she is 48 and would like to ccw.
You know, it really amazes me when I see things like this.... and not why you would think.

Everybody bashes NY state as being "liberal" and "anti-gun" but when I look at the laws I don't see it.
We have life-time permits.
Almost all areas of the state issue concealed carry.
There are VERY FEW restrictions on where and when we can carry.
Schools and Universities can issue written permission for carry.
We have what amounts to the "Castle Doctrine".

... and then everybody thinks places like Texas are "pro-gun". Weird, ain't it.
sure, just try getting written permission, and the NY permit system isn't like real America.
even in CA you don't need a stinking permit just to keep a gun in your house, just to CCW.
Even in CA if you have a ccw you can carry in every major city. lets say you have a Utica ccw- you can not carry in NYC!.
NY permits? you need a stinking permit for every darn gun, they are expensive and in NYC it can take a year per permit.
NY/NJ do not even resemble the free USA.
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