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I own three full autos (sub machine guns) and have them primarily because I can and because I ran accross three decent deals which are hard to find in the NFA world. I don't believe the whole collateral damage argument has much truth to it. Unless you've had some training, full auto is pretty useless in most peoples hands. I would be more concerned about someone who can shoot armed with a scoped bolt action or a good pump/semiauto shotgun then I would some gang banger with a Mac-10.

The imagined proliferation of "machine guns" and the damage they cause is due in large part to ignorance on the part of the press, the non-gun members of society and politicians. Everything evil looking is labled an "Assault rifle" or "machine gun" and the public just buys it. I'm not trying to minimize the impact of some nutcase with a semi-auto AR/AK or any other semi-auto rifle (from a 10/22 to a BAR) I'm simply saying that the weapon is not a machine gun nor an assault rifle. Call it what it is. It appears that the latest rampage in NC involved a bolt action hunting rifle if the photo in the paper was accurate. If thats the case, he killed 8 (?) people meaning he had to reload at least once depending on the mag capacity. I imagine that it's not hard to do when shooting sheep in an enviorment where no one can defend themselves and you have nothing to worry about until the cops show up. He could have walked in with a double barrel shotgun and a pocket full of buckshot and done the same thing (or worse).

The point is, he killed a bunch of people with a rifle that most people wouldn't bat an eye at and one that is commonly available

Most (if not all) persons who own NFA weapons have been checked up/down/backwards and forwards by the feds. If you're not squeeky clean, it's a no-go. I don't know the national stats but I'm pretty sure that not many LEGAL automatic weapons are used in crimes. There are enough hoops to jump through for NFA weapons without adding more. I'm not sure if the fellow that sugested a limit on purchases and increasing fees is a firearms owner or not but if so, he should realize the ignorance of that statement. He may be a shooter and when the Feds begin targeting HIS favorite firearms (be they BP, Western style guns, air rifles or whatever) maybe he'll realize that we're all in this together.

If the truth be told, I don't shoot my NFA guns that often as ammo is expensive when you go through it at 800 - 1000 rounds a minute.
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