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26yrs old and new to reloading. Started on february 14th when my gal got me a dillon 650 lol. Never ever owned a gun till january (unless duty weapons by the military or my job) and now I can't stop lol.

I like it. Right now I'm not going for complete accuracy. Just stock piling till the time comes where I'm satisfied with what I have then I'll work on accuracy rounds for certain weapons.

So whatcha think?

BTW I love my new XDM .40... I need to go test my XDM 9 but anywhoo I hope ya'll like my set up. (lol could careless if you don't though)


Edited... The flag is laying on a bench because a storm ripped it off the side of my house. I know the flag should not be like that but I have to get a new mounting plate and rod...
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