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It will be a good thing for both Texas and beyond if this passes. Assuming this passes, it will just provide a wider range of schools that can be pointed to as examples of how allowing CCW on campus doesn't have any significant detrimental effects.

How many colleges and universities are in Texas, serving how many students? How many in urban areas, how many in rural? What is the range of campus sizes? Pretty sure all of these run the spectrum.

Yes, this could be very nice indeed for those of us in states where CCW on campus isn't a pipe dream. No, you won't get the laws in California or Massachusetts changed, but this could make it easier to get the laws in Montana changed.

The blatant ageism that often rears its ugly head regarding this issue never ceases to amaze me. The assumption that the majority of college students are nothing more than a bunch of irresponsible, drunken frat boys is nothing more than a stereotype and not even a particularly accurate one at that. At the college I attend, the majority of the students are both polite and professional (tuition is an awfully expensive way to party). The notion that I (who have legally carried since I was 18 and never been in trouble more serious than a traffic ticket) suddenly become too irresponsible to exercise my rights the moment I step on campus would be laughable if it were not so offensive. Then again, what do I know, I'm only 22 so I suppose perhaps I'm still too young and stupid to have an opinion (or rights).
It's even more amusing because it falls apart in the face of even the slightest bit of argument. We're talking about permitholders here, not the general student body. People who are theoretically responsible enough to carry on the west side of 19th avenue, but suddenly become too immature to handle it on the east side of the street? Who can carry in a shopping mall or movie theater full of their fellow students, children, and bystanders but not in a classroom? Concealed means concealed (at least in many states), so what's the issue?

If the average 21-year-old college student is too immature to carry, then the average 21-year-old is too immature to carry and the age needs to be raised. A 40-year-old permitholder doesn't suddenly become less mature because they decided to go back for a degree, either.
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