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I'd consider joining again if it weren't for all the junk mail they send....EVERY WEEK! I asked for it to be stopped and they said no. I said goodbye.
Go ahead, flame away if you must, but I know I'm not the only one who feels this way.
What a lame excuse. (and I don't buy the "they said NO" part either).

NRA Membership FAQ

Q: How can I reduce the amount of mail I receive from the NRA?

A: Simply email us at [email protected] or dial 800-NRA-3888 and request to be placed on the "Do Not Promote" list. This will significantly reduce the amount of mail you receive without affecting important mailings, magazine service, or your membership renewal.
Every person I know who has tried this (and that's a decent number of people) has ceased to get promotional mail, excepting their magazines, from the NRA.

Full disclosure... I do know one guy who had to call twice.

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