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I am new here, been looking through the forums for a while. Mostly I look for answers and ask few questions.
I am 36, I grew up shooting .303 brits (my first rifle) and .44 Pythons and Redhawks which explains my tastes in firearms.
I am married, 10 years, and have 4 kids, 9, 7, 3, & 11 mo's. I live in Southeastern South Dakota in the country and have my own, small, plinking/skeet range.
I own an 870 Express Super Magnum, a Yugo SKS, a Mossberg Model 342 .22.
I have a CCW but do not carry: 1. I haven't found a pistol I like yet, 2. I drive through Iowa, Nebraska, and the Omaha Reservation on my way to work, hence too many hassles to carry to and from work.
I teach math at a community college and am getting my Doc in Adult Higher Ed.
I like, and appreciate, milsurp rifles etc... enough that I am considering a C&R FFL in the near future.
My future plans include pistols in .40 semi-auto and .44 wheelgun, a boomstick along the lines of a mossberg 500, and rifles: mausers, springfields, enfields, of the .30 and 7.56 variety, of course I would not turn down a nice deal on a .300 Mag either.

If you haven't noticed yet, I am a bit long winded and don't plan on changing .
Ideologically I am Libertarian.
I enjoy older full size jeeps, chainsaws and cutting firewood for the furnace and fireplace, lawn tractors and implements, target & skeet shooting, and spending time with my wife and children.

One of these days I will take my uncle up on a hunting trip for deer, elk, and maybe bear.
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