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SN Search

Just found K-22, brought it home, couldn't resist, it was nice and an impulse buy that I will not regret.

SN is K 180xxx

I was told it has a custom spring, it is smooth and maybe 2-3 lb. pull

If this turns out to be an older gun (I am taking wild guess it's 80's vintage) where would I locate the original spring part number to make it original again?

Sure appreciate the service your providing, wish I could wait to get the book, but am goin crazy not knowing the mfg. era.

ALSO, will the S&W Catalog book give me details on the "K" as far as the series, 5 screws, .22 & 38 cal etc. and will it give the spring part number as well???

I was told by the owner that I could dry fire this K -22 rimfire. I did dryfire at time of purchase, but found S&W suggestion that rimfire's not be dryfired...any info on this? I have since placed empty brass in cyl to dryfire, is this ok to do? Just love this gun, can't wait to shoot it.

One last Q, is this book a refrence with charts, photos etc, or is it more a historical novel with some refrence data?

thanks many bunches for any help provided!
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