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MCB, I've got 30 2nd Gens; but only 26 are unfired NIB. Presently looking for an Electroless Nickel 1860, blank cylinder 1851, both of the round trigger guard '51s, one of 500 cased set Pocket Police, and matched pair Grant/Lee set.

My C series '51 Navies were used for CAS for about 3 years, so I need to pick up a couple NIB replacements. Need on with SN below 5000; one between 5000 and 12000 and one between 13000 and 19000 so I have one with each of the three different boxes they came in. I'm curently using a pair of 1861 Navies for CAS.

Different models of 2nd Gen '51 Navies were:

C1121 - Silver plated BS and Square back trigger guard
C1122 - Brass BS and Square back trigger guard
C1131 - Sliver plated BS and round trigger guard
C1132 - Brass BS and round trigger guard
C9001 - Robert E Lee Comm
C9002 - US Grant Comm
C9003 - Grant/Lee Matched pair set
F1100 - Silver plated BS and square back trigger guard
F1101 - Silver plated BS and square back trigger guard w/blank cylinder
F1110 - Stainless Steel

There were also limited edition engraved and gold inlaid models made in quantities between 25 and 174

You're right about the GB prices. I can not believe that a Cavalry set went for $3000 - 2007 Blue Book is only $1450. I know they havent gone up that much.
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