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they are running this story on as well,there is a comment section added to the story,sign up and and your own comment.Here is one of the comments that i found very disturbing.

What are the statistics on how many could really protect oneself? We see more people being killed every day. Gun sellers I mean Gun Association is so active. How many people did they save? Human is animal of emotion. When it flares up he or she wants a weapon. Gun serves that purpose and provides killing. You overtake some one. You are shot. Thanks to Gun sellers I mean gun association. You argue. You are dead.Am I right in saying 60000 people are killed by Guns? What are the statistics from Canada, Japan and Europe? Can gun lovers provide true statistics. By the way there are gun deaths in Ca home today. The killer probably kept it for protection but ended up killing whole family of 6. Any comments? No body is sane all the time. Every one gets crazy when angry. He uses gun to kill at that time.
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