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Not to be a contrarian but 18-22 year olds are just on the cusp of completing neural development in the areas which inhibit foolish risky actions and promote common sense.
There are irresponsible and dumb college students. But there are also some pretty dumb blue/white collar middle aged and older people. The state deems (at least in some states) that you are granted the right to carry at 21. Weather or not you are responsible or decide to take on this responsibility is an individual choice, and not one I feel the state should be making for anybody.
As our understanding of growth and development advances I'm sure that some of the things we currently think are absolute truths will be proven wrong/incomplete.
At this point I'm not exactly sure how I feel about arming this segment of the population.
We already are armed (at least I am). Although I can not carry in WI I am armed in my home and on private property. Also, there are quite a few baby boomers on campus. Should I decide to go back to school when I am older (career change, continuing ed., or because it's fun) I don't want to be unarmed simply because I would be older than the average age of the student body.
Then you also have the generally older population of staff and faculty. Professors are usually middle aged and up. What about the janitorial staff who is on campus during the middle of the night?
The pressure not to bring a gun into their individual classrooms by the liberal professors would probably negate much of the effectiveness of this law should it pass.
For me I've learned to tune out when a prof starts spewing his political beliefs. It's not that I disagree with him having them or voicing them. I just don't think the classroom is the proper venue to do so. It's concealed carry for a reason.
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