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See, Peet, that's a VERY different situation from your original statement.

There's a BIG difference between "No viruses, nasties, etc." and "the Mac is specifically hardened against those threats that target Macs."
Actually, I stand by my original statement.

If I say "There is no such thing as a 44 magnum Glock." and it turns out that some guy made three of them in his basement, am I wrong?

Technically, yes. In reality? No.

Have there been viruses written which target the Macintosh? Yes. Do they effect real users? No.

Some day that may change but not today.

The second issue, and current biggest annoyance with the PCs is spyware. In that arena the Mac has an equal, if not greater, advantage.

Oh, and even with that, I find Macs to be way overblown for anything other than graphics development. And I've been using them concurrently with PCs since the late 1980s.
In what way?
They are unquestionably more reliable. I have had one problem in 16 years with a Mac. It was a total failure of a powerbook. Motherboard failure. Apple replaced the ENTIRE computer. They just sent me a box for the old one and shipped me a brand new machine. I am not alone. Mac is the Honda of the computer world, reliability speaking. I have taught people to use both systems. Without exception, people have less trouble learning to use a Mac. I have built PCs and repaired many, I am the unfortunate family troubleshooter. I do NOT get calls from my family members that use Macs. Macs last longer, unquestionably. I have a 350mhz G3 that I still use daily. Is it a scientific machine? Not anymore, but considering that most people do nothing beyond surfing the web and checking email, it is still perfectly capable for 90+% of the time, and it's pushing 10 years old. Find me a 10 year old PC that can be described as "capable".

Oh, and they don't come from the factory with the hard drives filled with junk.
Oh, and the operating system doesn't take 30 gig of the hard drive or demand 1 1/2 gig of memory just to function smoothly.
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