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Correct to an extent Same goes for vista with UAC (user Account Control) Elevation to Admin privs.Hence run limited user account one must enter password for malware that require admin privs but Keep in mind there is Malware and the like the doesn't require elevated levels Hence Unix base Linux/macs OS or windows can be infected.No OS is totally secure and it is vital to keep a well patched OS updates and all application example Itunes windows media java script and on and on and to close the backdoor so to speak. Unix base Linux or Mac,yes there is much fewer malware/trojans then windows mostly due to market share IMO. No such thing as a totally secure OS or any Security product for that matter.Many scanner miss or produce FP (False positive)which can be more catastrophic then a virus in its self. Send me a malware Sample I will show you a antivirus program that will miss.Virtualization is the most effective way keep thing off that are unwanted.Also Hips (Host Intrusion Protection)are excellent way to keep excutables in check.Example Default Deny all excutables nothing runs with out users knowledge.

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