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I live in Texas,too, and just saw this proposal this week-end in our local paper (amazing in itself since they won't even run an ad to sell a gun). At this point I'm not exactly sure how I feel about arming this segment of the population. If it happens, I would hope that the ones who are responsible enough to go through the concealed-carry classes would also be responsible enough to know when to make use of their license as it was intended. I sort of have doubts that it will pass, one reason being that the woman who introduced and was instrumental in getting passed concealed-carry in the first place is no longer a legislator, and I haven't yet gotten a feel as to what the climate is in the Texas legislature for any promotion of concealed-carry. The pressure not to bring a gun into their individual classrooms by the liberal professors would probably negate much of the effectiveness of this law should it pass. I think it will be an interesting next few months in Texas.
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