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I hope I'm not disappointed.
Depends upon your expectations. When I got my first C&B, I was disappointed. But the last pistol I bought was a 6" Python, new in 1993.

Not exactly an apples-to-apples comparison.

Italian C&Bs aren't (in my experience at least, which is hardly exhaustive) Swiss watches. What I have found, in general, is that they get the basics right, but the degree to which the details have been minded varies widely.

My first one (that I kept) was an 1858. The barrel stud (loading lever catch) fell out, no way it was ever in tightly. Cimarron had me send it to guy for warranty service (only about 90 minutes away), he turned it around in three days.

After seeing the fix (brass drift to tighten the dovetail), I thought, I coulda done that.

Since then, I've bought five more Cimarrons. Three of those also had loose studs (1860, Walker, Dragoon). I just fixed them myself, with the added guarantee of a little JB Weld in the slot.

Someone said something like "Italian revolvers make gunsmiths of us all". It's the truth.

After all, these things are $300 or less. What would a Python be today, if they were still made? $2000?
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