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I think a place of higher learning is a great chance for the kiddies to show how grown up they think they are.

Utah allows CCW and there haven't been any student shoot outs.

The mature ones will get the permits while the immature will burn permit, gun and ammo money on booze, drugs and going out to eat (and lap dances...I just couldn't resist).

Even college is a self correcting system. The libtard professors will advocate gun carriers when they realize that CCW'ers are a fine line against getting killed. They just have to be shocked into reality.

What we really need (and I do not really mean it...though I kinda do) is for a CCW'er to save some profs life and either be praised or demonized. Either way, guns will be considered as a very good tool for for saving lives....

YES, I have attended college and thank god I escaped with the ability to think for myself. I did not carry, though I felt very naked. Today, I am not so sure I would be willing to be such a good boy.
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