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I went ahead and ordered a Cimarron imported Uberti through Buffalo Arms. It won't be here until later this week. I hope I'm not disappointed. My buddy bought the Cabela's Pietta on sale for $189.99 a couple of months ago. How can you go wrong with that price? Anyhow, I bought the Uberti just to be different from him. We'll see how the two compare. I do know his Pietta is very stiff on cylinder rotation. Maybe he just needs to shoot the hell outta it to loosen it up...or perhaps it'll never get better without a little gun work.

I've heard but never confirmed that Uberti's tend to be pretty much true replicas to the originals minus the modern metallurgy and finish, of course. The Pietta's, on the other hand, have taken a few liberties here and there in very subtle ways.

BTW, I called MidwayUSA a couple of weeks ago to inquire as to the importer of their Uberti made 1858 Remington. As of two weeks ago the answer was Taylor's and Company.
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