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For true beginners, we have a couple Walther P22s, a 622 S&W, and a MK II Ruger that get tons of use. A couple of Taurus 94s in .22 compliment the semi autos and are what most people use to fire for the "qualification" for the CCW class. We get a fair amount of foreign tourists and such and they enjoy the 629, the Taurus Raging Bull and the Desert Eagle .44. That DE and a MAC 11 semi auto get a lot of use by another segment of the gun rental market. You know who they are. Some who have been in the military shoot the Beretta 9mm and the 1911. Some security guards and the kids in cop school shoot the 4" .38s. The rest shoot mostly Glocks or the variety of snub revolvers.

Least rented: The Beretta 96 DAO, a super accurate gun if you can manage the trigger pull. Most don't care to try it, I plan on trying to buy it off the boss.
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