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Computer viruses on firearms sites

Certain types of websites are well known for being used to launch computer viruses, free -CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED- sites, free game sites, free music downloads, etc. You visit these kind of sites at your own risk.

In the last week I have been attacked twice now from firearm related sites that you would have to assume are not very heavily visited. One was a short video of a gunsmith explaining headspace; the other was a forum site that I was led to on a google search about whitworth rifles.

These are the only two virus attacks I have had in months. Is this some kind of a new trend? Anyone else getting these kind of attacks?

For the unitiatied, a popular form of virus attack now is to infect your computer so that it generates a phony official windows security center looking 'warning' that a virus has been detected on your computer. You are asked do you want to remove the virus. Do not click OK. Once you click OK, the virus program is loaded onto your computer and will continually generate these waring popups about viruses that you don't really have until you buy some service to 'clean' your computer. Once the first warning popup appears, just turn off your computer and then reboot.

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