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Texas Jack's is Cimarron, it's their retail business. As a result, when you buy from TJ's, you're paying 'retail'.

Buffalo Arms is a Cimarron dealer, and they typically sell Cimarron for about the same prices as TJ's lists for 'Uberti'. And pretty much as cheap as, or cheaper than anyone else's Ubertis.

I've bought six Ubertis from Midway. All were sufficiently flawed that I sent them back - three of them were nonfunctional.

All six of my Cimarrons work fine. Two of them had issues, but they were minor and quickly corrected via warranty.

I've concluded that QC on any Italian C&B just plain sucks. Some are good, it seems many aren't. Cimarron appears to pre-junk the stuff they get, so at this point they're the only ones I'll buy.
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