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Thanks for the advice and heads up guys. And thank you to Antipitas & 44 AMP via pm for clarification on legality and the importance of letting others know who sent the email as it helps let others know what their stance is. I did edit my original post to include this senator.

I do agree I could of done better, I also agree that what he sent me was a standard reply.

He did not touch base on my issue imo at all, I was asking about a specific issue and he gave me a general but I was happy to receive a reply.

I just find what they are wanting to do over redundant based on our current laws, and in effect they are total banning the 18 to 20 legal abiding owners.

What bothers me the most about that, is they know that voice (18 to 20) is what got our current leader in and who they targeted...yet they are going to remove that voice from our cause if they have nothing to fight for imo.

Just knowing form my own sons they would look at it like "well it is only a year, or only two more years i have to wait."

To me that means he has to go two years without hunting or being able to defend himself.

I hope some other Ohio peeps hop on board with this also even if you do not have kids close to the ages they want to exile from firearms. It only takes one state to lead by example to make is catch on else where. Especially when it is coming from a very gun friendly state like Ohio.
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