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Stuohn, my apologies, I read it wrong... the southeast of Galesburg thing I mean. I went back and read it three more times and I was still seeing it as Peoria. I just finished an extremely intense, as in MAJOR input overload, week of classes and I think my brain might actually be bruised.

I may live in Northern Illinois but by no means claim it as home. I grew up in Southeast Iowa and ran all over the Burlington area and had friends in Macomb and Galesburg. As you said, most of our shootin' was on friends and families land. I would definitely take up Tuttles's offer to check out the range in the QC area... it's a piece of cake as far as a drive goes. I spend more time than that commuting in the city every day and that is to go 12

Chilicothe has a range you might like to check out and there is Darnell's right near Bloomington that you might want to look at as well.

Here's a list for you to browse.

Once you get to know a few people around the area I am sure you'll be able to find some places that you like as well as get offered to shoot as some the locals favorite spots. Downstate Illinois is waaaaaaaaay more gun friendly than upstate.. trust me.
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