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Peoria is about 1hr 45min from my house. It's a bit of a drive, but easy to get here. If you head up 150 from Galesburg, it's a longer yet more scenic route. Otherwise I-74 will take you to I-80, which will take you right into the QC area.

The indoor pistol range will be a bit closer since it's in town. They're open 10-6 M-F and 10-4 on Sat. I'll be more than happy to cough up the range fee for you and your wife if you're willing to drive up here. If you like Mexican food, I can recommend a restaurant close by (or any place).

I live about 15min. west of QC. The outdoor gun range if literally a mile down the road. Any pistol or rifle is allowed. We have a two story trap house, but it's only open cetain hours. They don't allow shotgun otherwise unless it's a slug load. Other than that, they're lenient on what you shoot as long as it's legal. It's a very clean and roomy range. There's rarely more than a couple of other members out there at one time. Hours are from sunrise to sunset 7 days wk/365 yr.

I know you'll be making a day of it, but it will be worth it.
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