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LOL, didn't you just repeat what I said???
In truth I posted from memory and did not look anything up.

How did British troops liberate Athens when the Germans had withdrawn???

The British moved into a vacuum to prevent Stalin from moving in to Greece as there were two partisan groups; a communist and western which became a civil war Britain could not afford to wage so the US stepped in to help defeat the communist. War did not cease in Greece until 1948, really

The Germans loved Greece and hated the occupation of a place they cherished. Many took Greek in school and of course were into the history and particularly the military history.
When the Greek army surrendered to the Germans the Greek soldiers were dismissed with their weapons (much regretted later) and the Germans did not raise their colors until the Greek officers left the field.
These were the only such times this happened in WWII.

The Italians were livid and demanded the Greeks surrender to them as well.
So, the event was replayed and one would have thought the Greeks and Germans were the allies.
The two belittled the Italians making a comedy out of the surrender farce with the Italians storming back unto their aircraft and leaving mad as hell and Greeks and German laughing like old buddies.
This pleasant relationship did not last long because Greeks have never been known to be very hospitable to occupation no matter who.
However, bad the Greeks and Serbs were in partisan activity they were meek compared to the one place considered the most dangerous place the Germans took. The island of Crete
They didn't just kill you, they chopped up your body. And, there was no reprisal that had any effect on the Cretans.
They were capable of matching brutality and upping the anti every time.

Things have changed little.
Crete is a great place to visit but not if you have bad intentions.
The current problem of Albanians committing crimes in Greece was short lived in Crete with some disappearing altogether while others returned to Albania missing limbs.

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