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The Mod 98 is one of the few markings left from the original K98k most others were scrubbed.
The Yugoslavs designated German K98k refurbished rifles as the 98-48. Meaning the K98k rifle refurbished beginning in the year 1948..
The Yugo model 1924 8MM Mauser was thus renamed the 24-47 meaning the model 24 refurbished beginning in 1947.
The M-48 was a newly built rifle based on the K98k features using the shorter action of their model 1924 (Action and bolt are 1/4" shorter) and while it looks similar to a K98k it is not interchangeable in parts (Most can ber interchanged with the 24-47, however).

Yugoslavia was not the only country that "liberated itself.
Greece was not invaded either by allied armies but in truth both countries benefited from a retreating German army that pulled out more than being thrown out.
Partisan activity in both countries were the most difficult the Germans faced anywhere.

Interestingly in the Balkans wars that preceded WWI many nations switched sides from one war to the next but the Serbs and the Greeks always stayed on the same side and, I might add, always won those wars.

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