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the problem with a floor on gun prices is that it would increase, rather than decrease, the flow of illegal guns.
Living in a country with very strict guns laws AND high prices for firearms, I totally agree with this. It is significantly cheaper to buy illegal black market stuff than it is to get anything legally here.

The anti-gun crowd sees a compromise as a situation in which gun owners give up some more rights willingly, and the anti-gun side simply takes more control of the issue. Their aim is to remove guns from society, not allow easier access to full auto weapons.
True also, we only have bolt action and single shot left, and they anti-gun lobby wants them removed as well. Doesn't affect the criminals in the slightest of course.. Pre-firearms ban, prices were significantly cheaper.

From Australia looking over to America, they cant take away your guns because you have your right to bear arms, but they can sure as heck overprice them to stop you buying them legally.
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