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You're right, Pax offered invaluable advice. I have another suggestion or two to add, or more support for a couple of her comments.

1. Try the splatter targets at the range. Wally World sells them, Dicks (and I'm sure other places) sell Dirty Birdies - those are really cool because the rings are different colors - lots of options. I love using splatter targets at the range. Helps me see where I'm really hitting (my progressive bifocals don't help!), and it's kinda fun to get the immediate feedback. (Not to mention, when I'm "on", it's a rush to show off a little. )

2. Ask your local range if they would consider special shooting days, times, contests, pricing, classes, etc for women. One of our favorite ranges has different, fun activities all the time. Valentine's Day was a CCW class for women only. They offer the "girlie colors" (I don't like em, though) for firearms, safety equipment, carry options, etc. It's fun. We've asked them to add a couples' shoot. My hubby (better half on the range ) and I love to go shooting together. It's one of our favorite shared hobbies, and we think a couples shoot would be a blast.

3. WHEN she decides to take the next step toward CC, follow all the suggestions from the previous "what gun for my wife/girlfriend/sister/mother/fillintheblankwoman" threads - covertly guide her to all the right places where she can pick out her choice.

Good luck!
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