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I did not notice this thread until now, i would have introduced myself much sooner, but.. better late than never, as they say

I am not sure what to say about myself, i was raised a country boy, in central Florida, all 23 years of my short life thus far, i "can survive" to toss a quote around , but i can fit into many different categories, i also grew up with the whole "metal head" life all around me thanks to my uncles, i had hair down to the middle of my back until barely a year ago, i still listen to a lot of music.. its another passion of mine, along with martial arts, and cars... i am a bit of a gear head, it runs in the family, when it came time to get my drivers licenses, my dad built me a racecar and stuck me in it, my very first driving experience was in a 5spd on a Florida short track, trial by fire of sorts

I am also very glued up on these computer type things, i am a big "gamer" i enjoy building a computer in a nice clean environment.. just the same as being covered in grease and oil under the hood of a car, i do a bit of everything i suppose

trying to keep this short, i am very good at rambling on for quite a while on some subjects, hopefully we will all learn more about each other in time, i hope to have a nice stay here, very few forums i actually get to know people on, so far i really like the air in here
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