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The best thing in MHO

if no one is in serious imminent danger of being shot, as seems in your account, is to lay low and try to get a good look at the offender(without being obvious), to be a GOOD witness for the cops. Look for height and accurate description, hair colour, aprox age, limp or unusual walk, voice or accent, an exact description of clothing (oddities/brandnames) colours, smell (does he reek of BO, grog, is he acting rationally? calm? agitated?. If you can, switch on any recording devices.(my phone can record sound) dial 911 (you dont have to speak) so they can listen and your phone can be zero'd in on.

The last thing I would do is attempt to pull a gun on someone set on robbing a bank, unless you are so confident you can 100 per cent be sure you could nail him with one shot. Most banks/shops have cctv, so they (the robber) will probably get caught eventually, but an accurate eye witness account is invaluable to law enforcement. Your best to stay alive to be that witness.

I have never been in a bank when it is robbed, so I, myself would probably just lay there trembling and poop myself.... so if you dont listen to what I say....

I agree

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