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first off do you have a place to practice, not just a range, but somewhere where you can set up some shooting drills?

if you do, then make up some moving targets, doesnt have to be fancy, but some whippy sticks that the wind will move and the board or cardboard target will be moving too, as people dont stand there and let you shoot them.

Practice drawing, and moving, and then shooting from behind cover, getting anything solid between you and them. Double taps are a skill you can practice at home, using EMPTY shells in the cylinder for a cushion to the firing pin, just draw and bring the gun up and as soon as you can see front sight let the hammer fall and as soon as you can see front sight again, trip it again. it becomes very easy after a bit. Don't stare at one spot and don't try to be a gunslinger and see how fast you can do it, do it smooth. Smooth is good, smooth becomes fast, and then fast becomes smooth. This is not a combat skill that you learn in a weekend, it takes weeks of practice until it becomes not only second nature, but a SKILLED second nature. It takes more dexterity than driving a clutch, and how long did that take you to become very smooth and unthinking? If you can get a partner to train with you, lots of fun games can be thought up, tying strings to targets and making them move or duck behind a tree etc, all of which end up building gun skills.

Do not become locked in on two hands, perfect foot work and stance, but draw and move, and fire while you are moving, trying to hit the target as you move. IF you can get a .22, its easy to start these skills with something like that, and move up.

Good luck'

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