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Self Taught Training

Where I live, (in SE Asia) professionally taught pistol combat classes are very expensive. They go for about US$2000/head and are taught by ex-SEALs/Green Berets or former LEO trainers brought in from the US. While my country's unformed agencies can afford to send their personnel for such training, I cannot personally afford the cost.

Hence, I am limited to spending time at the range on my own shooting my personal pistols at static targets and perfecting my marksmanship. While my shooting in the standing unsupported weaver stance position at the 15 and 25meter ranges (4" and 6" grouping respectively) is now pretty okay (after 3 1/2 years of frequent practice), I find myself frequently lapsing into the "slow, deliberate precision fire" mode. I feel that I'm always training for marksmanship rather than self preservation.

Can anyone suggest training drills that I can do on my own that will make me a better self protection shooter? How do I do double taps with a K-frame .38 revolver or a .380 pistol possessing very SNAPPY recoil?
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