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ya know, we have caved in far too long...too much CC is the only way to go. maybe people wouldn't be upset to see a firearm if more people wore them openly. maybe if more people wore them openly, our goverment might see that legal firearms aren't the ones that need controlled. maybe if people wore them openly there wouldn't be so many many BGs in the first place..i mean comeone, does a wolf attack a dog or the sheep? it goes for the unarmed animale, not the one armed with teeth.

no, none of that will happen because most of us are far too concerned with not making waves instead of making the waves we should be making. it is our right, atleast according to this supreme court, why do we have to conceal? i don't like fat girls in belly shirts or spandex, yet noone makes them dress properly and i'm forced to either put up with it or leave the area when one is around.

and catfish, if that's how you feel, i for one would never step into your business. i , as an LEO, would much rather see people OC as to concealed. for many reasons, and while it's your right to refuse service, it's my right to refuse your business.

and as mentioned earlier, how many BG would actually carry open? i mean, chances are their firearm isn't legal anyway.
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