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Originally Posted by Glenn E. Meyer
The Walter Mitty stuff is in part a giant discussion on the motivations for pro-social or altruistic behavior across the social sciences.
Glenn, I checked out the book or rather looked it up and found that it was 424 pages long! However, the extract talked more about altruistic behavior like volunteering and that sort of thing.

What I did find was a guy named Dave Grossman, who it appears coined the sheep, wolf, sheepdog framework. He is somewhat controversial and doesn't seem to have the approval of "academic" mainstream, but I could be wrong.

It seems that what we are talking about comes from him rather than the textbook you quoted, but I didn't read all 424 pages either. Is that true? Here is a link to a guy who really debates his findings:

Again, within the realm of civilian personal SD I see some real drawbacks to the framework even though to someone who spent most of their adult work life in a cubicle or office pushing papers it could appear very attractive if only it were real.
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