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I have never seen a coyote in person, nor do i know an awful lot about them, BUT i do know something that could be useful in this situation, i don't recall where, but i remember someone talking about that sort of pest problem, in an area where shooting or trapping was not possible, neighbors and domesticated animals abound, the smaller of which were actually being attacked by the coyote, the solution they found makes sense to me after reading this, they spread gun powder around the areas they were coming from, some residents spread it around their yards as well, for good measure

i assumed it worked for a similar reason we put black pepper out to keep stray cats and other little critters out of the garbage at night but maybe its the fact that coyote are smart enough to smell gun powder and think, i might get shot here.. or maybe they just have an aversion to the sent for another reason

just thought i would share, since it was just "hear say" from a camp fire story teller, i don't know how much truth there is, but its an idea, safer and cheaper than shooting them or otherwise probably
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