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NYS info

I'm new to the mechanics of NYS law and policy. Some working parts I'd like to find out:

1. I'm told the AG's office doesn't do much of anything regarding fine details and technicalities (like what is a muzzle break)--who does?

2. I gather judges issue pistol licenses, so is it the county commission or board of supervisors that determines the policy, and how closely does a judge have to go by that? Upon determination of eligibility (clean record, no mental issues), is a judge required to issue, or what are the circumstances under which they do or don't and are there verifiable guidelines set in stone?

3. What are some key court cases, both state supreme and 2nd Circuit, that define some issues in NY firearms law? In that X v Y, they said this, so this is why Regulation A applies; for situation A to suck less, you have to overturn X v. Y decision which said ....
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