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I'm In..

I'm Pat, from Dayton, Ohio, grew up down in SE Ohio on a dairy farm. Left there to take Uncle Sam's all expense paid trip through the military, and eventually returned home to Ohio, and lived in SE Ohio until 1985. I'd been around guns and hunted quite a bit, quit when the other hunters we had in the area mistook any movement for Bambi. Moved to Dayton when my first marriage broke up. I had guns in the house, just never used them for around 25 years.

I really hadn't paid much attention to gun rights in this country until around the time the Heller decision came out, I was amazed that there were areas in this country where citizens weren't allowed to have guns.

That decision, plus the changes of leadership in Washington, have brought me back to active gun ownership and shooting in a big way. I have a concealed carry license for Ohio, awaiting my C&R license, and belong to a gun club in the area, as well as becoming a member of the NRA and other gun rights organizations.

I also have my elected representatives phone numbers programed into my cell phone, and I ain't afraid to use it.
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