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When I read these type of threads on the internet it just reinforces my decision to continue to live in rural Arizona, where it's common to see people carrying openly in the grocery store, resteraunts, the library, just about every place. Locals don't think anything of it, you sometimes run into tourists that are a little suprised but that's it.
You have the occasional California transplant who will be a bit disturbed but overall it goes unnoticed.
The responses seem to follow geographic lines.
We certainly haven't seen "always predicted" (on the net) deaths of citizens who carry open by the criminal element seeking them out to die "first".
I think I'm several times more likely to die via lightening strike than I am by an armed robber singling me out because I have a firearm on. So to me, it's no issue. Maybe if I was frequenting convinient stores in Oakland or Martinez at 4 am, but then I can't carry openly in those locals anyway.
Open carry by well behaved normal folks presents a positive to the public, not a negative.
All my opinion, so take it or leave it.

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