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Skullandcrossbones65, you are correct that it would be copyright violation. On the other hand, if the local library weren't too politically correct to have loading manuals on its shelves, you could undoubtedly photocopy the few pages there without anyone squawking.

M2273's posts included some attitude bonus points that might have better been left off the score board, but he is fundamentally correct that having access to a plurality of manuals has value, especially where safety is concerned. I probably have a dozen I still refer to. It isn't essential to have that many, but each offers some information the others don't have and that turns out to be useful at one time or another. For example, the Sierra manual has over a dozen pages just on considerations for reloading for gas operated guns, while Hornady instead has a separate section of .30-06 loads that are just for use in the M1 Garand. The Vihtavuori manual has a great exposition on how powders work. The Lyman manual has much more cast bullet information than most.

I spoke to one of Sierra's technicians last year who told me he'd recently finished re-firing all the loads in the manual (which him took a year to do). So the current Sierra manual's information is based on relatively recent component lot purchases and will likely be more up to date than some other manuals for having done that. It's a worthwhile investment, partly just because a manual having one or more erroneous entries is not uncommon. If a second manual warns you the first one's recommendations were too warm, then it may have saved you a damaged gun. That strikes me as ultimately frugal, at least as far as gun cost goes.
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