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Talking about the little 380s? The Beretta Cheetahs or Sigs 230/2s aren't hard to hit with beyond 10 feet.

Also, the unchambered argument is best searched for the 1000s of posts that say the same thing.

What's the CCW paradigm as relevant to this thread - OK, I'll try:

1. The gun is best used to avoid grievous bodily harm to yourself and others you feel responsible. The latter is not the general public - nor is it an instrument to prevent property crime is that entails significant risk of grievous bodily harm if you start the fight. Try to avoid bad situations. Intervention to prevent harm to deserving innocents is considered. However, that is situational. I would have intervened to stop a pedophile from beating a kid with a crowbar and stuff her in a duffle bag. I would have not intervened when two gang members starting huffing and then beating the crap out of each other in the mall. BTW - both are things that I had reasonable temporal proximity to.

2. The gun is used to avoid grievous bodily harm but also as an instrument of altruism as you want to protect society as part of viewpoints referred to as "sheepdog mentality", 'guardian viewpoint" or 'protector of civil culture'. Your motivation vary from reciprocal altruism or defending the common good, to want adulation as a hero or a desire to punish (with force) various miscreants. That significant harm that could be avoided is a possibility is not really relevant to starting the action.

You can mush the two together to some degree.
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