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Deal me in

Hi, Folks. I've chosen the name "Gandolf" to hide behind. The name suggests age, which is correct; I'm 75. It may also suggest wisdom to some, but that's not substantiated.

I am a fat old retired ex Iowa farm boy, ex Air Force bomber mechanic, ex newspaperman, ex realtor, ex economic development director. I am and have been, for about as long as I can rember, a gun lover and owner. I've shot deer and turkey here in Missouri where I live now. I don't have the ambition to work hard at anything, including hunting, but I can still drag myself to a shed on the edge of my opening to hunt turkey. Life goes on.

I'm so new to this Firing Line and to submitting "stuff" that I will no doubt screw up handsomely at first, but let's just go on. I look forward to hearing what you all think about different things. I expect to find answers to some of my problems by reading you, and if my meager supply of information is of any use to anyone else, great.

It's nice to be with you. Later

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