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setting up my tactical carbine.....

I have also posted this thread in another catagory on this Forum- but thought I might also get nice input from you guys as well...

I'm waiting for my Stag Ar to come in- and am now trying to plan out accessories- I would love some assistance on the following:
I would like to put a 3x-9xAO x ?? scope on the top of the rifle, and an Aimpoint or Eotech to the right side of the scope for CQ drills- has anyone played with this set up- where did you get your rails, what type did you use, how did it feel to "canter" the weapon to utilize the CQ site-PICS of your set ups would be an AMAZING help- since I learn alot from looking- OR tell me this is a FOOLISH idea and you tried it and it sucks or something like that...
Thanks in advance
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