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Simply say,

"I'm recognize you are uncomfortable."

"I assure you I am a legal carrier of this handgun and it will only be used to save someones life from a criminals attack."

"Have a nice day."

It helps if you are carrying a dark blued snubbie as opposed as a brilliant stainless full sized six inch barrel 44 magnum as well.

I have carried a snub 38 open carry Ultralight and people never see it 3/4 of the time.

I would think a small semi auto in black stainless or blue matte finish would get the same reaction.

Heck,a Ruger LCP or a KelTec P3at in a small side belt holster would likely be missed as a pager with the right holster being used.

But legally so,enough of the gun has to show to be legal.

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