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Interesting question.

The only "real" cover we have is the wall that the gun safes are against and our dresser.

It's solid wood (no particle crap. and is 36 inches wide and full of clothing. It's also one of those half armoire deals so it's got a vertical board dividing the center. 3 layers of wood, not counting drawer side panels with plenty of clothing. I'd imagine it'd stop most common handgun calibers.

Computer hutch might stop a bullet. Maybe.

Our chest with extra linens in it might but it's not in any position that would help us.

Our kids rooms are laid out in such a way that their beds are out of the most likely lanes of fire if I were trading lead down the hallway with an intruder.

Thinking about this makes me regret going minimalist on my books and bookshelves a few years ago. It got a bit overwhelming and I sold off a lot of them...........not very tactically smart .
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