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that will not happen, assuming the round is within the vest's designed parameters. You get bruised, and there have been a very few instances of a rib cracking or similar, but serious injuries and erupting organs are not going to happen. A fair number of officers have continued the fight with minimal interruption aftern being shot while wearing their vest.
Good advice, just make sure you ask the armed criminal who kicks in your door what caliber weapon he's using so you can select the appropriate vest.

If you'll read what I said carefully, I said these things could happen. And you verified that statement with your own(text in bold is my addition):
that will not happen, assuming the round is within the vest's designed parameters
When it comes to SD/HD, I don't want to be making any assumptions...

This thread was asking for viable options for cover in the home. How many people will wear kevlar while they're watching TV? Under no circumstances am I saying that kevlar is not a great tool. No doubt that it has saved hundreds, if not thousands of lives. I'm just saying that it's not a practical tool for "hardening" the defenses of your home.
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