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I am no handyman, I'll stick with the bullet proof vest,
Never seen one of those before... Seen and worn many many kevlar vests... Not sure if a bulletproof vest exists. Imagine the manufacturer's liability exposure if such a product was marketed as being bulletproof...

Even if it does exist, I still would rather some inanimate object take the full brunt of a bullet. I've never been shot with or without a vest, but I can't imagine I would still be fully mobile and ready to defend myself... Even if the vest stops the bullet, you're gonna be in a world of pain that's almost indescribable. If the bullet is stopped, the inertia of the bullet as it slows/stops will still be fully transferred to your body. This could cause serious injury to bones and tissue, not to mention the possibility of severe internal bleeding if any organs erupt due to the force.

Just MHO...
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