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Now for another can o' worms, what's your thought on the higher pressure created by a 209 primer moving the sabot forward slightly before the powder has a chance to fully BURN as compared to the less pressure from a #11 percusion cap? Thanks
Some might argue this point but it is true and there are a couple of approaches to a "Fix".
  • Puchase reduced power 209's. Some are now labled as such. Remington comes to mind as well as Winchester. You might see a lable like "M/L 209's or some such thing.
  • Another is to use a Musket Primer or Top-Hat.
  • Then there is the CVA Electra which produces no pressure but will ignite the main charge.
On my Traditionals, I stick with a #11 and on my Hunter In-line, I shoot a Musket primer. But my In-Lijne is an open breech type. Truly believe that whatever folks choose as their "Shot String" they learn to work and live with it. Personally I see no reason for this child to switch to a 209. I teach them but don't use them. Just me ...

Be Safe !!!
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