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This whole thing is the stupidest thing I have read on this website. Would that go for used handguns to? And im pretty sure you could go buy a 90 dollar NEF single shot twelve gauge from walmart, cut it down a little bit, and go kill someone just as easily as you could with a hi point. This is America, free market. There is nothing wrong with cheap guns. Nobody wants to throw an 800 dollar gun in their tacklebox when they go fishing. Thats what cheap guns are for! Practical use! If i dropped my .357 on a rock while hiking I would feel it all the way up in my pee pee, If i dropped my hi point I would shrug, pick it up, dust it off, and keep going. The absolute ONLY thing I would say to do is try to crack down on crooked gun dealers, and ask the good ones to use discretion when selling guns
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