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I am constantly trying to understand how to improve the accuracy of my firearms. Understanding how the bullet jumps into the lands from the reloading forum got me thinking about how soon a sabot starts to spin - which is needed for accuracy.
I can appreciate that as it is no more than any of us are trying to do.

probably thought I could have been a terrorist in hiding - I'm not.
Thought no such thing but you know, I'm sure there are some out there that use M/L's. Last week, was checked at the door at a local G.S. by a cop. Had an M/L with me and told him I was looking for a high capacity mag for it. He appreciated the humor but then again, he knows me well. Hey, he still put a tag on it !!

And I voted for McCain mainly because of Palin.
Gees, you are going to open up a can of worms with that one. Have to say that I voted for McCain because of Obomanation. Getting tired of voting by who I don't like rather than who I do like .....

Be Safe !!!
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