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Pahoo - being retired and bored at the same time this winter, I decided to get into reloading specifically for coyote hunting with my .243. With the help of the reloading section of this forum, I've managed to load some rounds with reasonable results at the range. (I've had some disapointments as well but I think that has more to due with my unstable rifle rest than my loads).

I use my muzzleloader in the shotgun only areas here in Michigan. I shoot the lighter 180 gr Precision Rifle sabots (.40 cal bullet) and am pleased with them. Over the winter I bought some of their 195 gr Duplex sabots (.357 bullet) that are cased in a special flat base .45 cal sabot and then this gets put into a .50 cal sabot. These dual (Duplex) sabots supposedly achieved the flattest trajectories and tightest shot groups by an independent tester but I'll have to see for myself to know for sure.

So as I sit here waiting for turkey and golf seasons to start, I am constantly trying to understand how to improve the accuracy of my firearms. Understanding how the bullet jumps into the lands from the reloading forum got me thinking about how soon a sabot starts to spin - which is needed for accuracy. I realize I should have said burn instead of explode and you probably thought I could have been a terrorist in hiding - I'm not. And I voted for McCain mainly because of Palin.
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