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How soon does a sabot start to spin?

A bullet from a centerfire jumps froms the case into the rifling and I would assume it will start to spin immediately. A muzzleloader sabot relies on the lower skirt to expand into the grooves to impart spin.

It would seem logical that when the powder explodes, the sabot would move forward some amount before the skirt gets expanded into the grooves to get it spinning. When loaded, the sabot sits about 22" away from the muzzle on my MK85. How soon does the sabot start to follow the 1-28" twist?

Back in the day of slower twist ML, the old patched ball was pretty darn accurate. I wonder if anyone ever took a .45 rifle bullet with the right thickness of patch and seated it into the grooves to get it to spin when fired? I would of thought by now somebody would have a sabot like a spline that would "screw" into the barrel's grooves to impart spin immediately.

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