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Greetings fellow earthlings............

Murray (Muzza) from Canberra in Australia. 47 years young.(I'm not old, I've just been younger longer) I've been a keen rifle shooter small bore .22 and large 7.62 Omark many moons ago, and in the last 5 or 6 years got into firstly black powder pistol, then CAS, and a year and a half ago into semiautos. I am also a keen collector of guns. It was a struggle to get a pistol licence here in Oz, outrageously difficult, many hoops to jump thru (some of them burning) but has been well worth the effort. I have a dodgie hip and back (dang cripple) so I cant walk far,so cant ride bikes any more (motor or bicycle) or play football, golf or anything like that, but shooting I can do, and not too bad at it, even if I do say so myself. Especially with pistols. Last sunday I stunned everyone during our range open day, by hitting a 2' x 3' steel plate at 100 meters, 3 times out of 5 shots, then a 3' x 4' plate at 200 yards, 2 times out of 5 shots with my 44-40 5.5" Ruger Vaquaro pistol. Some folks couldnt hit the plates with leverguns. I do all my own hand loading so guns and associated tinkering keep me pretty busy.... to say the least.
My guns are Bp: 2 x stainless ROA .44 C&B, 2 x Pietta New Army .44 C&B, 1 x Euroarms of America .44 C&B, 1 Uberti Colt Dragoon .44 C&B, 1 x .662 P/cap muzzle loader smoothebore shot (& Ball) gun
Centrefire: 2 x Ruger Vaq. 1 x 44-40 & 1 x .44 mag,1 x Winchester '94 .44-40 Little Big Horn 18", 1 x Marlin 23" Cowboy .44 mag, 1 x Rossi hammered coach gun. Semi auto: Walther P22, Glock 34 (9 x 19)
In my collector section: US revolver .32 S&W pocket hammerless, Belgian .320 cal pocket revolver, Webley .32 acp pocket SA, Savage .32 acp pocket SA, Styr (ex Chillean Army) 1911 9mm (Styr)

I have been silently cruising sites like these for years, and decided on joining this one earlier this month, (seemed like a good idea at the time )
I have a warped sense of humor (I think its pretty funny anyway) and enjoy answering leading questions with the appropriate stoopid answer, but sensible where sensible is due. (Cant resist hassling obvious idiots tho)
I wrote a thread (my 3rd movement) last week, called "handguns Down Under, an insight" which you might enjoy reading (unless reading all this has already made you :barf: enough?
Nice to meet y'all..... see ya round
If you cant blind them with brilliance, Baffle them with BS
Be alert...... there is a shortage of LERTs
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